About Solihull Safeguarding Adults Board

A safeguarding adults board is a group of organisations and communities working together in the best way possible, so that people are able to live their lives free from abuse or neglect.

The Solihull Safeguarding Adults Board was established in June 2008 and from April 2015 is a statutory body. The Board provides the strategic leadership for all safeguarding work across the Borough. The Board has a jointly funded Independent Chair providing consistency and direction.

In Solihull we aim to prevent and reduce the risk of significant harm to adults from abuse or other types of exploitation, whilst supporting individuals in maintaining control over their lives and in making informed choices without coercion.

The work of the Board is governed by the following equal principles:

Empowerment – Presumption of person led decisions and informed consent.

Prevention – It is better to take action before harm occurs.

Proportionality – Proportionate and least intrusive response appropriate to the risk presented.

Protection – Support and representation for those in greatest need.

Partnership – Local solutions through services working with their communities.  Communities have a part to play in preventing, detecting and reporting neglect and abuse.

Accountability – Accountability and transparency in delivering safeguarding.


Solihull’s Safeguarding Adults Board represents a real commitment from organisations which provide a service to the public, to work together to ensure that such people live safe and secure lives.


For 2019-20 the Boards key priorities are;

Financial Abuse

Exploitation and Transitions

If you wish to contact the Board, please email ssab@solihull.gov.uk